Welcome to NRN Ireland

The NRN-NCC Ireland (Non-Residential Nepalese, national Coordination committee) was established on 6th April 2007 by a meeting of Nepalese expatriates living in the Ireland. The meeting of the community organised at Trinity College Dublin has formed an ad hoc Executive committee until the membership base is created and annual general meeting of members held and a new committee is elected. The ad hoc Executive Committee is to perform day to day activities of the organisation, until the Next Annual General meeting is held and its rights and duties are further spelled out.

The NRN-NCC Ireland is a charitable and non-political organisation. It envisages acting as a broad church for Nepalese residing in the Republic of Ireland. Nepal is well-known as a land of outstanding natural beauty. Similarly, Nepalese people represent rich and diverse growth of various ethnic and cultural groups of Nepalese in the Ireland.

The vision of NRN-NCC Ireland is to enrich and strengthen Nepali community by fostering unity and cohesiveness whilst preserving its diversity. It is a non-partisan organization.

Our Objective Include

  • Establish the identity of Nepalese among the ethnic minority communities of the Ireland.
  • Foster unity and cohesiveness across Nepali community in the Ireland whilst preserving its diversity.
  • Strive for the benefit of the Nepalese community in the Ireland by-way-of identifying, profiling and sharing the talent and skills that exist within the community.
  • Act as a catalyst to advance co-operation among the NRN across the globe and promote the interest of NRN.
  • Maintain a close link with Nepal such that the Nepalese community in the Ireland preserves its national and cultural identity.
  • Endeavour to the development of Nepal through charitable work, NRN investment, international lobbying and through other legitimate avenues.


Our Mission

  1. Register NRN-NCC Ireland as a charitable organisation in the Republic of Ireland.
  2. Publicise and familiarise the NRN-NCC Ireland - its vision and purpose - among the Nepalese in the state of Ireland and encourage their participation (membership) in (of) NRN-NCC Ireland. Also disseminate information about the NRN-NCC Ireland across the spectrum of local people and institutions that are friends of Nepal and the Nepalese people.
  3. Try to attain financial self -sufficiency through fund-raising events and.
  4. Work towards establishing an office of the NRN-NCC Ireland.
  5. Organise joint social events across Nepalese groups in Ireland & Nepal and organisations in order to foster a closer co-operation, sense of belonging and unity amongst the local Nepalese.
  6. Prepare a community profile and identify the needs and the prospects of the community.
  7. Identify possible venues through which NRN can contribute for the socio-economic development of Nepal.